Feb 24, 2013

Kissemah Visit Next Week - Ghana, West Africa

There is something about getting the Delta confirmation email regarding upcoming travel plans that sets my mind in a place of excitement and heightened nerves; am I ready, what do I need to pack, what are the plans while I am at the destination, all the things you can imagine.  

When the Delta confirmation email is specific to Ghana travel dates there is a place my heart goes to filled with anticipation and excitement that is hard to contain. 

Knowing the feeling, knowing the look in the eyes of the children when I round the corner of the compound where school is in session, knowing what that moment feels like, the anticipation is exponentially powerful. Last May and October when I visited, seeing the children for the first time after I arrive at the school is a flood of joy, a sensation of belonging, an affirmation of the power in the human connection; the moments while fleeting stay with me forever. I wish I had a camera following me so I could share. 

Because I arrive when school is in session, the children are supposed to stay focused on their current lesson; I round the corner and the heads start popping up, some children get up and then sit right back down. I walk around and greet each one of them individually, and also the teachers. I can remember names for about 50% of the children; I ask them to introduce themselves each time and to say their name dynamic.   I am looking forward to seeing them all again, Madam Afua is coming back. 

I will travel to Accra, Monday 3/4 - arriving the next day at 11am via New York. I will be in Kissemah for a full week, traveling back on Tuesday, arriving in Atlanta the following day Wednesday March 13th.  Accra is six hours ahead, getting used to the time difference is easier than I expected.  The school will be in session, they have days off during the Easter holiday towards the end of March.  It will be hot and sunny in Ghana, I will stay at the compound in the volunteer quarters. I look forward to seeing Kwame, all the teachers, all the students and Ceci, Ben, Stefan, Lawrence and Johnny. There is also a volunteer from Austria, Hannah. Renee is currently in the States. 

I have a full agenda, I plan to post daily updates and pictures. I want to again thank in advance all of you who support and encourage me and who are interested in the progress of the school and the overall program. Thanks to all who read the posts daily and send email notes and messages while I am there.  

If you are not familiar with Mawuvio's and how my connection with them started, you can access the Mawuvio's tab on the blog and all the posts I've written specific to MOP are archived and available.  Any questions or comments you can send to my email at elena1025@comcast.net. 

And for those getting the updates forwarded based on your subscription to the initial blog I set up in Dec 2011, I promise to send update and transfer instructions this week.  Be on the look out for an email, I apologize I have not completed this to date. 

Today after several days of grey gloomy skies, the sun is shinning, the air is starch crisp. Maddie and Morgan are going to the park for a long walk, they are happy, all is good.