Jan 22, 2013

Update from Panama

Sometimes technology can get in the way of something simple like completing a  blog post. I wont bore you with all the details, bottom line, my iPad wont connect to the network at my brothers house. 

I am typing this message on a Spanish keyboard on a MacBook Pro, so forgive the lack of anything that should be part of a word that is not there. I dont know all the keyboard combinations. I learned ALT G for the @ and I am good with that. My plan, I will continue to write my daily updates on my iPad and will post all of them when I get home. 

We arrived Saturday at 10pm. The Delta flight was uneventful, the passengers this time, very few Panamanians.  We had a huge group of Germans, some folks from UK, Italy and lots of people from China.  My brother told me that the construction of the metro rail in Panama is being managed by a German firm, hence the large contingency of Germans on the flight.  

Sunday we did a day excursion to the San Blas Islands - that day alone was worth the trip to Panama.  I love the ocean, I love fish, and I love nature, and San Blas is amazing. 

I was twice that day in the frame of a picture perfect postcard, my apologies I cannot post the entire update and photos, I will do that when I get home.  Until them imagine being on the most beautiful crystal clear, warm, blue waters. We visited three islands, one smaller than a football field. We swam in the open ocean in an area called La Piscina or the Swimming Pool and it was incredible.  A sand bar where the water is 4 to 6 feet deep, an area the size of a football field,  the edges drop off to deep dark much cooler waters. The boat simply pulls up to the Swimming Pool, you jump out and swim and swim until -  we were there all by ourselves. It was paradise for sure. 

My niece, JoAnn and nephews, Juan Carlos, Roger IV and Jaime are a so much fun to be with. All high energy, interested in different things, in different phases of their lives, two in college, two in high school. It is wonderful and refreshing to be around them. And yes they grow up so fast. JoAnn and I talked at length the day we were in San Blas, I told her about the first time I met her when she was 6 months old, how tiny and beautiful she was. I reminded her that I have lots of video of her when she was a baby and I have it all on in digital format and she was not aware. So YOUTUBE watch out, a JoAnn movie will be posted soon. 

Yesterday I visited the government offices in Panama were you renew your Cedula and Passport.  I have to go back today and finish the process.  

Tonight we are taking JoAnn and Juan CArlos and Jaime and Rogelio IV to dinner, tomorrow we are headed to Roger and Maris new house at the beach, an area of Panama called Buena Ventura.  We will be back on Friday.  

Mari and Roger are hosting a dinner party for a group of 25 (family and friends) and Saturday we are headed back to Atlanta. 

Monica thanks for taking care and Maddie and Morgan ---  we miss the girls. 

Saludos from Panama