Jan 7, 2013

Morgan Sofia Happy Birthday ! ! !

  Morgan Sofia.... (AKA) 

   Morgatin, Morgatini, Sofianess, So So, Macaroni #1, Baby of the House.... 
   Happy Birthday to you - Happy 8th Birthday to you.  Morgan, we love you ! ! 
   Elena, Cindy and Maddie 

Never in my wildest dreams, did I ever imagine I could love a pup as much as I love you and Maddie.  One Sunday morning in February of 2005, on our way to church we met you.  You were tiny, tiny, about 5 pounds. You were in Maggie and Lew's kitchen, chasing Cody and bitting his tail like it was a wind up toy.  

Just as you are today, that Sunday 8 years ago you were full of life, you talked, talked, talked and in your mind you were and still are the biggest dog no matter where you go. You want to be in charge of everyone and everything.  

Morgan Sofia we love you.  We are grateful to all the angel pups for your supersized heart; Dr. Julie Duvall took such good care of you when you had surgery on your heart at 14 weeks. Thanks to PK and BD for being the best trainers ever, I learned so much about all things dogs.  Morgan you are amazing and we wish you an awesome birthday and many more ! ! ! ! !