Dec 31, 2012

Welcome 2013 ! ! ! ! !

Today I started my work day with a cup of hot tea, not any tea; the blend an exquisite combination of Maharaja Chai Oolong and Samurai Chai Mate, every drop comforting and delicious. 

As I followed my carefully orchestrated ritual in making the tea, it occurred to me, so much of what I am doing right now is what I wish for in 2013, not only for myself, but for my family and friends and the world at large.  

Second to water, tea is the most consumed drink or beverage in the world. It is rooted in centuries of tradition; while tea was introduced to the Western world about 400 years ago, the Eastern world has been enjoying tea for thousands of years. I don’t know much about tea, I was introduced to the marvelous blend by my brother, Tobias, a few weeks ago and I am intrigued by so much.

My tea inspired thoughts for tomorrow and everyday of 2013 ~ 

That the New Year bring forth adventure, discoveries, wonder and wander; and that all of these activities and their corresponding excitement, lessons, success and failures be rooted in what we know.  Every choice we make in some way alters the course of our lives; let us all be wise and patient and present in our decisions.

That the New Year bring forth surprise, imagination and creativity. Every cup of tea I’ve enjoyed in the past few weeks is always a tiny bit different. While the blend is from two distinct teas, when I shake the container and measure the amount to put in my cup, the blend is never the same.  Some days I taste bursts of cinnamon, some days the aroma is like a perfectly sweet ripe orange, sometimes the tea is dark and WOW the taste is loud. Every day I look forward to the surprise.   

Every cup is a new poem; as I walk to my desk from the break room area I  think about how pleasant the morning will be because of my delightful cup of tea.

That the New Year be filled with tradition and care and all the elements, the people, nature and the surroundings that make your LIFE special.  For some it may be a set of rocking chairs on a familiar porch, for others the crib of an infant child, for some the daily blessing of meals that nurture our bodies, for many the love of our dogs. 

For me the tea infuser has become familiar and curious all at the same time.  The instrument allows me to filter the tea liquid clear, void of any leaves, twigs, nuts, etc.  It is simply, practical, and beautiful.  My sister, Ana, had several infusers at her house and sent me home with my very own device. 

That the New Year be warm and comforting, that the steam of your life, like the steam in the cup of hot tea result from all things good, from love, from family, from trust and hope and faith, from new and old friendships, from the sunrise of every day, from the stars and moon of every night. 

Happy New Year -  2013