Nov 5, 2012

Time, Time, Time......

Today I have time to write and I am so happy. It's like spending time with a dear friend, no agenda, no time line, just me and the blank page and thoughts, ideas, and words. Time, time, time, oh how much I appreciate you. And today I might be able to go see SAMSARA, I am excited. I will tell you about it for sure. I am on PTO for three days, I have to use all my vacation days before the end of the year.

If I could transport myself anywhere to write these words, places that immediately come to mind, the terrace of my grandparents finca in Panama. The property, Linda Vista, is about 10 miles outside of Panama City. The finca was our "every" Sunday get away when we were children. I have many wonderful, fun, adventure filled memories of visiting my Grandpa Rogelio and Grandma Chichi. As children we could ride horses, go swimming, fish in the lake, milk goats, feed the pigeons, or just hang out with Grandpa, he was always into something, building something, checking on this animals. He was a very fun Grandpa. He had a office above the building where the horses got saddled, it was called El Cuarto del Desorden, The Room of No Order. This was his place to collect letters, newspapers, screws, rubber bands, parts to horse saddles, tools, hats, pictures or certificates from organizations like the Panama Rotary Club, or the Equestrian Club, everything was stacked up high, he had a big desk and we loved loved going into that room with him. When were children we were convinced there were secret treasures buried in there. My Grandpa Rogelio lived his life everyday, fully. He was many things, a kind, compassionate man, a ladies man for sure, he was a politician, he and his brother, made rum and perfume in Panama at one point in their lives. I have many Grandpa Rogelio favorite stories, one of them, as he aged, he sometimes would forget where he parked his car when he went into Panama City, so one day, he painted his Jeep Wagoner, bright orange. That jeep eventually became the car that transported the chickens, goats, pigeons, etc. The finca jeep, he actually had a name for that car, El Lagarto, The Alligator.

My Grandma spent most of her time in large kitchen at the finca, in the afternoons she took naps sometimes, and in the evening, my Grandma liked to watch her favorite TV shows. In Latin countries the novelas or soap operas are on at prime time, I spent many nights with Grandma watching telenovelas. She also liked to watch McGiver.

If the 'Beam me up Scotty' technology worked like it does on Star Trek, I would consider getting beamed up anywhere close to a body of water, preferably the sea - have a spot in the shade were I could listen to the waves, or to the current of a lively river. Yesterday I tried out one of those devices that makes different sounds, the selections waves, waterfalls, rain, rain with thunder, forest, summer night; I selected the "regular rain" setting and me and the girls, Maddie and Morgan were lulled to sleep like babies. I am going to shop around for the magical sound machine, the one I tried is made by Homedics. If you have recommendations, let me know.

If I could go anywhere, places I've not visited, the destinations would include: New Zealand, Vietnam, Tibet, France, Amsterdam, Chile, Thailand, England, Belize, Greece and all of the state parks in the USA. And for places I want to go back, Iguazu Falls and Venice, Italy.

I am going to purposefully spend the rest of my day with lots of time to do nothing, well maybe not entirely nothing. I have several books I want to read, I have a few magazines waiting to be read. And for sure I will take a nap, my gift to myself today.

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