Nov 4, 2012

Early to the Polls in Georgia

Friday I voted in Dekalb County at the Civic Center in Chamblee, about 4pm. It took almost an hour to get through the entire process, it was a nice day, the weather was in the low 70*s and everyone was pleasant, happy to be there. 

Most of the people in line holding onto, managing a device, reading a book via iPad or Kindle, sending email or text via their phones and also talking on their phones. The man in front of me was reading a scholarly document, an article from a journal like publication, he was never distracted.  He looked like he had just stepped out of teaching a class at a college. Every demographic segment was represented in the the voting population that day; some voters brought their children and explained the importance of voting and democracy, some came in groups, 4 ladies slightly ahead in line, like a mini book club, they never stopped talking, never. There was even a guy who forgot that Halloween was on WED, he looked exactly like the composite of the unabomber. Not sure why you would show up to the polls on a warm day, in a grey hoodie, with big dark sunglasses, keep your hands in your pockets the entire time, your hoodie zipped up and your glasses on. He was always smiling. I am in the market for new tennis shoes,  I looked for cool tennis shoes and saw several pair that were awesome, people answered my questions about their shoes.  

The state of Georgia made the evening news this week with record breaking numbers with respect to early voting; by Friday more than 50% of the registered voters in Georgia had gone to the polls.  

I have to admit I was surprised by the third presidential candidate on the ballot, Gary Johnson. I Googled him, he was a 2 term Republican Governor in the state of New Mexico, leaving office in 2003. From what the article said, he is not on the ballot in all 50 states. 

Regardless of the turn out on Tuesday of next week, I am thankful every day that I live in a country where I can safely stand in line in a public place without fear of being injured, without fear of reprisal, without fear that my vote won't count, without fear that behind the scenes fraud is being committed with respect to vote counting. 

I thank all the men and women in the armed forces past, present and future and especially those who have given their lives to defend the privilege and right to vote in the United States of America.  Thank you for defending our country, our rights, our freedom.  Thank you, Thank you ! ! !