Oct 4, 2012




I don't remember how I ran across DailyGood - I think long ago when I was on the internet looking for potential grant organizations, or maybe it was related to a TED talk, I honestly don't remember.   The idea is exactly what their tag line says...NEWS THAT INSPIRES.  

I signed up to get their daily updates and they are wonderful, relevant, and they cover every subject you can imagine.  I love the photo and the quote above,  I am sharing DailyGood as a recommendation.  Search for the url....www.dailygood.org and you will find their web site. They also publish a weekly update, KARMA TUBE - that also spreads great stories via videos.  From Karma Tube I learned about a group called LITA.... Love this the Answer.  When you have time check them out.  

As we all know, today, everyday, every minute  we are bombarded with information, most of us connected to devices, phones, tablets, TV's, with a constant flow of whatever information we want to consume, whatever we are interested in, via whatever medium, text, emails, chat, Skype, and even phone calls. 

At the end of the day we have a choice, we can set the dial, subscribe to a podcast, subscribe to a news feed, program the DVR, whatever we make time for, we have a choice. 

Sample DAILYGOOD for a week, a month,  read the articles they broadcast.  I hope you find the news inspiring, worth your time.