Oct 30, 2012

Winter and a Storm Named Sandy

This past weekend winter came to Atlanta in one day. 

Saturday I walked the dogs wearing shorts, temperatures were in the mid 70*s. Sunday it got cold and windy, Monday more cold and more wind, the highs in Atlanta this week in the 50s* and lots of wind from the storm ravishing the east coast, "Sandy". 

Wolf Blitzer on CNN used the terms "savage storm and brutal blows" to describe the impact and the pictures everywhere are water, water, sand, downed trees, broken power lines, torn buildings, lost piers and lots of snow in higher elevations. 

How so much devastation can happen so quickly, all the force of nature. I pray that those we know, family, friends, co-workers in the impacted areas are out of harms way. 

Looks like winter is here to stay. I quickly adjusted to winter mode by employing my three trusted keep warm items. 

#1 I got my green hat out of the hat, gloves, scarf drawer. My green hat, (aka)  the Robin Hood hat is ugly, yet extremely warm. It is olive green, made out of knit type material, it covers my entire head, my ears, most of my neckline, it even has a bill I can pull almost over my eyes.  I wear it in the house and for sure outside when Maddie and Morgan have to go do their business. It keeps me very very warm. I have it on as I am typing this post. 

#2 I got the ceramic oil filled heater out of the closet. It is on wheels, looks like an old fashioned wall type furnace, it heats up a large area or room very effectively. It stays downstairs, heats up any room in the house. My friend, Pierr, uses them in her house in the Pacific Northwest, it is a trusted friend. It works very well. 

#3 I have a special blanket reserved for cold winter months. My DAD bought them for all of us long ago, it is an Pendleton Indian blanket and it is very very warm. Sunday night it was on the bed, between the sheets and the comforter and it will stay there until spring. I remember thinking when I first got it, (I lived in the San Diego area), why is DAD buying me such a heavy blanket. Since 1996 when I first moved to Atlanta, I have used it every winter, DAD thanks for thinking of all of us ! ! ! 

I am now on the official countdown for spring to get here. I do not like the cold weather, never have, never will. I know it is not too cold in Atlanta, most winters are mild, I much prefer the heat of summer.  Last year we had a very cold winter, hopefully it won't be the case this year. 

All those venturing out for Halloween in Atlanta will be in for a cold evening of Trick or Treat. Bundle up ! ! !