Oct 6, 2012

Visit to Ayijumah Township ...... Ghana Day 2

Saturday October 6th, 2012

Today we visited the school in Ayikumah, the progress is amazing. The entire roof which will serve as a second floor one day in the future is being cast, basically iron rebar is weaved in the ceiling in boxes made out of wood, that are held up in the air by wooden poles, hard for me to describe, I will post a picture. If all goes well the school should be move in ready by December. We are a tiny bit behind the original schedule, but all good things happen when they are supposed to. Kwame's supervision of the construction slowed a bit while Renee was home in Iowa. I think most of you know the school is in the township of Aykumah, which is about 40 miles outside of Accra.

Today we visited a section of the township and walked around the homes of our future children. I will post some photos. We met with Mr. Sumu one of the area elders, from what Kwame and Renee said you have to meet the elders first before you can have an audience with the overall township or village "chief".

Mr. Sumu was probably in his mid 70*, he spoke to us in English, and thanked us for the work Mawuvio's is doing, he said that the children from his area will prosper from the education. The visit to Mr. Sumu was part of the Ghanian culture and traditions, when you have visitors from out of town, you are always to make an appearance with the elders of the community where you are always warmly welcomed to Ghana.

Everyone is so appreciative of the work Kwame and Renee are doing via the Mawuvio's Outreach Programme. And for all who have helped, provided support via donations, via sponsoring a child, via buying supplies, shoes, backpacks, and bracelets.....I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because of you lives are changing.

We rode in the car today with Renee, Kaitlyn and Sarah and got updates on all the children and all the goings on from the current school session. Kaitlyn is teaching a music program after school, the recital will be on WED. She said the children have done extremely well, I will try to remember all the instruments they are playing: harmonica, guitar, trumpet, clarinet, drums, I know there are a few others. Wednesday I will video the program and post the link to YOUTUBE.

Three of the students I met in the past, one of them being Godwin, have dropped from the program. Their attendance was so sporadic, that Mawuvio's will not allow them to be at school when they don't attend regularly. So Godwin, Daniel and Sherif are not attending this year. Makes me sad, however I can understand that the children and the parents have to make a commitment and participate ongoing.

October is the tail end of the rainy season, by December that Accra region of Ghana is in full summer dry mode. Today it was in the mid 80*s, the sun and humidity pretty strong.

On the way back from the school we stopped at a restaurant that is owned by a friend of Kwame's also named Kwame. (Remember Kwame means born on Saturday, like Afua means born of Friday)

We sat outside under NIM trees, there was tons of shade and a cool breeze, and we all had a refreshment. Club and Goulder Beers, and Avaro, which is a pineapple soda that is very refreshing and Savannah Mist, which I think is like apple cider, or maybe a wine cooler. I need to ask so I post accurately. Kwame made us lunch, we had white rice with PALAVA sauce, which was a fish stew, salmon with spinach in a red, hot, sneaky by surprise sauce. I had a small taste, the salmon was great, the sauce was a tiny bit too spicy for me. Renee and Kwame who are used to this type of "heat" in their food enjoyed it very much. I know the red peppers they use are small and thin, I cannot remember the name.

Now I am back at the hotel enjoying a tiny bit of a cool break. Tomorrow we are due at the PURE FIRE church at 8:30am. The service is over by 10:30am, unless the minister runs long, Kwame says. Then in the afternoon we are taking 8 of the MOP students to Labadi Beach. The beach is about 25 minutes from the hotel, opposite of the way we normally go to the school.

Should be another wonderful day. MA Y MAVA

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