Oct 9, 2012

Tuesday Afternoon....

I am back at the hotel, I was at the school this morning since about 7:30am. It was great to be with the children, early in the morning, when it is cooler. Today we got donut holes for all the kids, more like fried bread. They were all happy.

I observed all the classes today, measured the girls for their December dresses, we also had a meeting with Kwame and Renee regarding the overall program and the work that is still in progress and pending at the school. I visited with Ceci, she told me that Stefan told her he was going to "change". I am not sure what he meant by this, I will see him tomorrow afternoon before I depart the village to go to the airport. The flight tomorrow leaves at 10pm, we are flying KLM to Amsterdam and then Delta from Amsterdam to Accra. So happy I am not traversing JFK, that place is 30 years behind the times. Not sure how the time goes by so fast. Here we are with one day left in the visit to Accra.

Tonight, Renee and Kwame and Sarah and Kaitlyn are coming to the hotel for dinner. It will be nice to be with them without the energy and mini tornadoes created by sixty children. I don't know how teachers with small children manage the day in day out energy required to be with them and pay attention to all they are doing. The children at the school are very well behaved, but they always have a question, or want to sit with you or talk to you or something. Lawrenda who handles the KG1 is like an orchestra conductor. I love how their eyes wander, Lawrenda gets them right back to focus on the lesson on the board.

Tomorrow we will have the recital in the afternoon, the children are very excited, there will also be a dance program. I will get as much as I can on video. Kaitlyn managed the music program in "after" school program, I think she told me it was 2 days per week and it was for the older children. I think the little ones get to listen and enjoy.

More later.

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