Oct 23, 2012

The iPad Front and Center...

When I first saw this photo, I had to look twice.  And then I realized and smiled, 9 heads, 18 eyeballs, all focused on the screen of the iPad. A newly filmed video clip playing back for the kids, they love to see the instant videos.  

Steve Jobs, I love the iPad and the kids in Ghana love the iPad. Thanks for making such a great product, such a great device.  

The photo tells the story of the juxtaposed worlds, the head full of hair and lots of it grey, a much older person,  the heads with hair shaved or cut short, much younger, all focused on a common interest, the movie, what we were doing that day. Th clip is the children introducing themselves, some got very silly and were laughing, laughing and carrying on.  I hope you are all well. 

I miss you ~