Oct 10, 2012

Somewhere Across the Atlantic

We are headed back home to Atlanta via Amsterdam.  All is going well, we have 7 more hours of flying time.  

The last day of our visit was wonderful. I was at the school early to spend time with the children before the start time at 8:30am.  I also took photos  with some the children with the  uniforms donated by the Uniform Mission Project in Atlanta.  

Before school starts the children line up by class to start their daily "assembly," they greet their teachers, they say the Ghana pledge of alligence, they also finish the assembly by reciting the Our Father prayer and then from each class, one of the students is selected to quote a psalm from the bible.  Any school announcements that they need to know at the beginning of the school day, Kwame or Renee will share with them. When they are done with the assembly activities they walk into the compound area by class and take their seats in the respective areas for each group.  Currently KG1 and 2 are on Ceci's porch, Primary 1 and 2 are under the canopy in the middle of the courtyard and Primary 3 and 4 are now under shelter adjacent to the side of the building. Before they were under the mango tree and if it rained, they had to stop class. 

During the morning assembly I greeted the children and teachers and told them that Wednesday was the last day of our visit and that I would for sure be back. I reminded them to listen to their teachers, learn all they can and that school is very important. I told them all how much I care for them and that the visit was delightful.  I got choked up just a bit and told the children that Madam Afua has so much joy in her heart that sometimes she cries. 

In the afternoon the older children performed in the first MOP Recital, coordinated and led by Kaitlyn Gitter. She is Renee's friend from camp, they were roommates in Chicago.  Kaitlyn is in Ghana until next week, her travel to Ghana was sponsored by an Omprakash Grant. I have a copy of the school program that I will post, the recital consisted of one of the older students welcoming us, they did three or 4 dance numbers and then 3 or 4 songs. The last one was a clapping, finger snapping, foot stomping rendition of a thunderstorm, it was very very cool.  I hope  I have video of that, the sounds were amazing.  

After the recital, Fire, the music teacher came, he plays and sings traditional Ghanian folks songs for the children, they all take turns dancing and they love love love to dance, boys and girls.

We finished with cake and minerals, and they children were thrilled. They enjoyed every bit of their cake and every drop of their sodas.  We finished with at wonderful school prayer and blessing shared by Belinda Williams. 

 It was sad to leave, the afternoon was wonderful.  Mawuvio's you all did wonderful, the recital was great.  And we even had special guest, Madam Ceci and Innocent, who is one of Kwame's friend from the village.  He is a 3rd year law student at GIMPA. Innocent wants to coordinate an after school drama production; he will begin working with the children I believe on Friday afternoons.  I will keep you posted.