Oct 5, 2012

October 4th, 2012.....on the way to Ghana

October 4th, 2012

How does one settle into a ten hour flight when it is 100% capacity, when the plane sits on the runway at JFK for an hour and then finally when we take off the AC does not seem to be working.

It is mind over all ......it is looking outside the window of seat A17 gazing at the 3/4 full moon lighting up the dark New York sky. It is focusing on my breathing, listening and thinking of the blue oxygen entering my lungs and racing around my body, it is holding onto the Virgin of Perpetual Help medal I've worn since I was 16 and asking the angels to settle me in, calm me down, quiet my mind. As much as I love to travel and as much as I want to see the children and Renee and Kwame, the 10 hour flight has to be one day replaced by the "Beam me up Scotty" transport I use to watch on TV as a kid . Soon I will take two Tylenol PM, finish my Corona beer and be on my way to slumber.

I've had the great fortune to sit next to an amazing lady, Janet from New York. She is a doctor, 70 years old, on her tenth mission trip, this time she is going to Monrovia, the capital of Liberia (next to Ghana) to work with a church that is doing counseling for people who've suffered trauma.
She is amazing, the stories she shared while we were waiting for take off were incredible, she is such a gentle spirit. She even offered to come to Ghana and help Mawuvio. I am getting all her contact info before the flight is over.

And for the record Delta waived the extra bag fee, not willingly, but they did. It was a 68 lbs bag, they waived the fee for the extra bag and the fee for the extra pounds.
Let's just say me and the Red coat agent went a few rounds....I tugged at his heart and he said "This time only......." THANK YOU DELTA ........

I will post this when I get to the school tomorrow, no WI FI on international flights.

A quick note, the blue pills worked, I slept for about six hours, now we are 1 hour and 35 minutes away from Accra.

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