Oct 8, 2012

Night and Day

How an amazing Monday at school can continue to be a great day...... I am thrilled we hosted a dinner for the entire Mawuvio's staff, founders, teachers, volunteers, board members, and some of Kwame's family.

It was a wonderful evening at the University of Ghana Dinning Center in Legon. We arranged for a buffet meal with chicken, fish, rice, noodles, vegetables and chips...chips in Ghana are freshly cut french fries, they are delicious.

Let's see if I can remember all the names, Kwame, Innocent, Francis, Nate, Renee, Kaitlyn, Sarah, Johnny, Lawrence, Fire, Belinda, Kimberly, Keith, Lawrenda, Gloria, Ben, Elena , Richard and Kwame's cousin whose name I cannot spell. We did a huge group photo which was fun, had to find a corner in the restaurant that would accommodate the entire group. We all had plenty of AHA, the Ewe word for beer. Club, Star, Goulder and a Malt Guinness dark beer made from cashews that is supposed to be medicinal according to the locals. Will see. I had a taste and it was pretty good.

Kwame and Renee are so appreciative that we are here. The collective love and care and concern for the children of Mawuvio's warms my heart. Today we visited two of the families after school to deliver the photos I took of them last December. I enlarged them to 8x10, put them in a frame, it was like giving them a gold bar. One family, Ben and Forgive's family lives in a cement building that is 1/2 way through construction, so basically brick walls, no windows, no doors, no electricity, no running water. They stay in the building until whomever is building it gets the funds to finish it. I think it was three stories, literally it is a concrete shell, brick and cement. Their family is large, 8 children, one husband, more than one wife. They were very appreciative of the photo. The second family, little Kwame's family, lives in a wooden house, probably the size of my work area at Cox, maybe the size of a master closet in a big house in Atlanta. The sleep inside, all other activity, cooking, bathing, and hanging out happens outside. Both families welcomed us, thanked us for helping the children, they were friendly. An integral part of the Ghanian culture, the people are generally speaking, gracious.

Today we also ordered cakes and minerals for the celebration after the recital on WED. Minerals are soda and cake is well you all know. The children according to Renee and Kwame will lose their minds, they have never had both cake and minerals at the same time. I am sure the parents and care takers won't appreciate their hyper children on WED, we are all looking forward to the recital. They've been practicing and are very excited. Several people from the community will come to the program and the music teacher, Fire will be there. I will post a picture of Fire in a few minutes.

Ok so my last observation for the evening. I am sitting in the hotel lobby, surrounded by the crew for the South AFrican Airways; they are all elegantly dressed, with little blue hats, they all speak with a British accent. They are here every evening. It is going on 9pm locally, so they must have a 11pm flight. The hotel is about 10 minutes from the Kotoka airport if the traffic is not bad.

OK = tomorrow I am meeting Richard, the driver at 7:30am, I know I will be tired, at the same time every moment with the children is wonderful. I will ask Elijah tomorrow on video to say the word for Hippo, you will love his accent. Also will try to film the Latushi song and dance.

Thanks to all who have written emails and texting on my iPad with friends and family, all I can say ... APPLE ROCKS.

Ma Y Mava.....

------ Short and sweet from my iPad ---------