Oct 24, 2012

Nearing the 55 Club

Today I am 54. 

I had many many well wishes, phone calls, emails and my FB page was filled with notes from family, friends, coworkers.  THANKS TO ALL FOR YOUR WISHES and for remembering this day.  

Rogelio IV, JoAnn, Juan Carlos and Jaime, it was great to get your phone call from Panama early today, thanks for remembering Tia Elena. And thanks to Debbie and Steve and Barb for the wonderful dinner. 

I wrote a poem in 2008 called Fifty Years Later. I am including a a few of the lines, the poem was addressed to my MOM.


On that Friday in October what did you hope for ? 
Did you dream poet, ballerina, maybe a tiny surgeon ?

Did you think floods, tributaries or calm bay?
Did you say Oh My God or Ay Caramba ? 

Was my birth a two egg scramble with toast? 
Did birthing get easier with the middle child ? 

Did you think Rueben Sandwich or empanada?
How soon after being born, did we take our first naps?

Mother, when did you first know my name?
When did you first speak the words, Elena Maria ? 

I was born on a Friday, at the Gorgas Hospital in the Canal Zone in Ancon, Panama. 

I am birth record 160-58-013833. Dr. Teddy Arias was the attending physician and I debuted in the world at 9:55pm. My birth certificate does not include any information on height and weight. 

Ana was 4, Roger was 2, and I was the first of three surprise siblings.  Or at least that is what my Dad told me long ago.  At that time we lived at 0203 Herrick Road in the Canal Zone in Panama. My Mom was 30 and my Dad 32.