Oct 8, 2012

Monday at the Mawuvio's School

Monday about 2:30pm

I am sitting in the room where I stayed in May catching a small small break so I can write this update. I have been at the school in Kissemah since about 8am and the day has been wonderful. The children are all learning, we all sat and observed the KG1 and KG2, they are the 4,5, 6 year olds, learning numbers, letters, the simple lessons at their age. They are so much fun to watch, when asked a question you can see their eyes look up, they are thinking, thinking, concentrating to get the right answers. When they trace their numbers and letters, they press very hard on the paper almost engraving their answers. They are so proud when they get all their answers right and the teachers make a happy face and or stars on their homework. Lawrenda teaches the KG1, there are 10; she has all the patience in the world. She loves the children and they love her. All the KG1 are new to the school program.
Sarah and Kaitlyn are teaching KG2, there are 7 or 8 in that class. Renee helps out in all the classes, and Kwame is at the new school construction site most of the day.

It was great to observe the new teachers, Steady, Gloria, Nate and Francis. They are teaching primary 1,2,3 and 4.

I got to visit with Ceci today, we had a long talk about her family, her brother just passed two weeks ago. She made rice for lunch today with a red sauce that has tuna, the children love the dish. I sat under the mang tree in the courtyard, where the children queue up to wash their hands before lunch, I greeted all of them properly, it was great to see all of them and tell them one by one how glad I am to see them. They all have huge smiles, some are more high energy, I have to tell them to cool down. The lunch prayer was said by Kimberly, the children have to wait until everyone is served before they start eating.

After lunch we passed out the "Mawuvio's Wrist Bands," the children were happy to get them. All of the supplies and uniforms that came from Atlanta and Iowa were unpacked and organized so Renee can put away latter. One of the volunteer rooms is not being used, so we set up shop in here. The power is on, we have two fans, so it is a break from the hot day outside. I think the temperatures has been in the mid to high 80*.

Tonight we are hosting a dinner for all the MOP staff, more later.

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