Oct 12, 2012

Home Safe from Ghana

I am writing this post from my desk at home in Atlanta. The trip back was uneventful. Thank you God for the amazing visit in Ghana and for getting us there to and from safe.  I have several posts I wrote on the flights home, I need to edit a bit and will post later today.  

The last day in Ghana I was busy every minute, I did not have time to share the updates. I have great video footage of the Mawuvio's Recital, I will get these all posted.  Kaitlyn you and the children did a wonderful job with the music and dance program.  Please tell them all how much we enjoyed every minute. 

Thanks for Renee and Kwame and Sarah and Kaitlyn and all the teachers, Steady, Gloria, Lawrenda, Francis, Fire and Nathaniel and especially Madam Ceci for the great visit and hospitality. Richard, thanks for driving us safe in Ghana. 

Thanks to everyone who commented on the blogs posts, and sent emails of encouragement and support. I appreciate more than words can say.