Oct 5, 2012

Friday Evening....Accra

Friday Evening

Today we arrived at the school about 2pm. We left JFK 90 minutes late, made up the time in the air, landed in Accra at 11:35am. Customs was OK, they asked a few questions, looked in one suitcase and then waved us all through. The Kotoka airport, always hectic, lots of people everywhere, it is about 10 or 15 minutes from the school.

The children, the moment I rounded the corner at the compound where school is held daily, I could see and feel the joy. It is hard to describe, imagine a moment that you anticipate for months, a moment you play out in your head, a moment that while seconds long you know will last you a lifetime. That is the experience I had with the children today. I greeted all of them individually, shook all their hands, tried to tell each one of them how glad I am to see them all. It was wonderful.

Each of their little faces wide eyed, the KG1 (the ones in kinder) we have a new group, they are so little, Pamela, Sylvia and Eric, three of the new names I remember.

I get to see all of them again on Monday. Tomorrow we are going to Aiykumah to see the new school.

Not sure how long I will last tonight, need to stay awake as long as I can to make the time adjustment.

More tomorrow.....

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