Oct 11, 2012

Five Hugs and KLM

After the school program was over we went back to the hotel to get showered and ready for the trip home. 

We all had  "chips" and beer in the lobby bar, with Renee, Kwame, Sarah, Kaitlyn and Fire.  Chips are the homemade french fries, every one as you can imagine likes them. 

It is a Ghanian custom when you have visitors you greet them and say good-bye to them at the airport.  Because we had a large group and we could not go in the same car, I convinced Kwame that we should say our goodbyes in the hotel lobby. He reluctantly agreed.  As we were heading towards the van, he said Mommy, I have to give you a proper hug and then five more hugs.  And we hugged a total of six times for sure.  

It was a hug-orama, we all said Ma Y Mava...........I WILL GO AND COME BACK. 

Richard, the driver, took us to Kotoka airport about 10 minutes from the hotel and the flight home began. For the record, the flight from Accra to Amsterdam on Royal Dutch KLM was amazing.  Night and Day .....significant difference from the Delta experience, beginning with a flight crew that was engaged, happy to see the passengers, they went out of their way to help people board.  The plane was brand new, quietest flight I have even been on. The headsets nicer, the plastic beverage cups nicer, the blankets were blankets.  And KLM appreciates order and structure, the boarding process was a breeze.  

Both in Atlanta and New York, because of the baggage fees Delta charges, there were  almost fights on the plane with people wanting to shove carry on luggage in bins that were already full, and then people carry on and finding out they had to check their luggage, it was awful.  And not one crew member for Delta on either of those outgoing flights was proactive in helping anyone. It was a free for all.   

I will seek out KLM options next time for sure. Certainly the extra six hours of flying time makes the trip back longer, however with a 3 or 4 day layover in Amsterdam on the way home, it would be great. I am making a note to self.