Sep 3, 2012

Redirect to Verse In Progress

If I followed the instructions appropriately, all the email addresses that subscribed to my Ghana Travel 2012 blog, will now receive the update posts from Verse in Progress. I will check my inbox tomorrow and confirm.  

Thanks to all for your patience during my time off while I combined all of my blogs into one repository going forward.  Please take time to visit, I have configured pages or views for all the Mawuvio's updates, along with updates that I call Life Observations. I also have all my travel updates available via a Travel page view, along with all my entries tagged with the label of Poetry. 

The URL is easy to bookmark or subscribe to: 
If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, send me a note at 

Verse in Progress is what the title suggests, work in progress, life in progress, hopes and dreams and faith in progress.  

My goal to be present each day in my life, to slow way down and focus on what matters, to begin writing projects that have been in my head for years.  Yes I am going to that place where I will be  intentional in observing, sharing, writing, and hopefully touching a person or two or five along the way.  

Thanks for your support, all your encouragement, your friendship and love.