Sep 2, 2012

At Last....

At last, I've made the final updates to this blog and am ready to share with family and friends.  My friend, Patrick, helped me with a few details that I was unsure how to set up, now I am ready to start posting and sharing the url address with the world.  

Today is September 3rd, not sure who is cranking the wheels of time, or the axis of the earth, but they are in overdrive, going way too fast.  Maddie Louise, is going to be 7 years old next Saturday.  Imagine that, the baby is going to be seven. 

I remember the day I met her, she was 12 - 14 weeks old, the last of 2 puppies in the litter.  It was a Saturday in November, a very cold Saturday.  When we approached the area where the puppies were, we could only see one puppy, a male who was full of himself, built like a tank, with attitude and swagger as a toddler. Then out of the back, out of a crumpled cardboard box comes out a tiny, sick, meek, delicate little girl. The instant I saw her I knew she was going to be part of my life.  Maddie came home with kennel cough, she was very sick for 2 weeks. Morgan terrorized her for one or two months to ensure Maddie understood the order of the pack.  Maddie is a delight, I tell her all the time she is my daughter. For years she slept right above my pillow and she followed me around the house, she is sweet and loving, so different from Morgan. Don't get my wrong, her nickname is Maddie Tyson, twice in the span of seven years, Maddie has injured Morgan.  Both times the brawls were over food and Maddie drew blood, she is quick, quick, quick. 

Today I am going to write a few more catch up posts and send out a blast email to family and friends regarding Verse in Progress. Comments, questions, feedback are always welcome. Send to