Aug 24, 2012

Paper 53

There is an application for the iPad called Paper 53 that is extremely simple, that allows you to sketch, draw, imagine, experiment, create.  The application is very simple, and while limited in feature, functionality; that is the best part. It is like painting with chalk on a sidewalk, or with crayons on construction paper, the only limit is the imagination.  My sketch below, "Palm Touching the Sun" is simple, elementary, my first Paper 53 sketch.  I am going to work on a series of palms, I've have sketches from years of drawing palms, they will show up on Verse in Progress from time to time. 

JoAnn, this is another reason why I wish you and I lived closer, I could come over and get some instruction, coaching, and tips from you on my palm tree series. 

One of my favorite quotes from Richard Hugo in The Triggering Town, 

An act of imagination is an act of self acceptance.