Jul 5, 2012

Its been a long time

Video of Renee on KWQC TV in Iowa - aired on June 5th, 2012

It has been a long time, long time.  Hope all is well with everyone.  I can't believe it was the 4th of July yesterday. And as most of you know it is HOT HOT HOT in Atlanta.  

I spoke to the children yesterday and to the program teachers, Gloria, Francis and Lawrenda.  Kwame was visiting the new school site; we are getting closer and closer to having all the walls constructed, the walls to all SIX CLASSROOMS, the walls to the PROPER TOILTES and SHOWERS and the walls for the two DORMITORIES and of course the walls to the administration office and volunteer quarters.

I know there is so much work ahead with regards to the physical move of the school, hiring additional teachers, outfitting the interior of the school, desks, bunk beads, office set up, etc. at the same time the momentum and excitement is gaining. I can hear it in Kwame and Renee's voice every time I speak with them.   

And I am right there, imagining that 100 children will be in a brand new school in September at the start of the new school year in 2012 - and all because of a dream, because of a conversation at a copier at the University of Ghana, all because of two amazing people following their hearts and callings,  Kwame Agoe and Renee Farwell and because of people like all of you who are reading this post, because of your support, because of every bracelet you've purchased, every dollar you've donated...... A M A Z I N G. 

As I tell the children, one day you will all be great men and women, and school will help with that realization. 

I included the link to the YOUTUBE video I made of the feature that ran on KWQC TV in the Quad Cities area of Iowa. Fran Riley one of the feature reporters did a great story on  Renee which aired on June 5th.  

I filmed the story at my desktop with a FLIP VIDEO camera so I could post on YOUTUBE. I was not sure how long KWQC would keep the link up on their website, so we have a copy for MOP history. 

Renee is in the U.S. until early next month.  She is working as a Program Counselor at a CAMP she has worked at for the past 3 summers.  When she returns to Ghana in early August she will be accompanied by two friends from her college days at Roosevelt University.  I am planning to go to Goose Lake the first weekend of August to visit with Renee and her family before her trip back to Ghana.

I hope to get some photographs from the school site. I will post as soon as I get them.