May 30, 2012

Tuesday Phone Call and .....

So much has happened, not sure what I have written about so here goes. My apologies if some of this is already documented.

1_ The Tuesday phone call with the children has temporarily been moved to WED evening and the call is now with Kwame. Since he is flying solo at the helm of the school while Renee is back in the States until early August, and he is managing the new school construction, I am checking in weekly with him to provide support, encouragement, and recognition for all that he is doing and to greet him properly as they say in Ghana.

2_ At the same time I miss hearing the voices, the greetings, the chorus of Hello Madam, how are you? so I called yesterday during the lunch break and had a tiny conversation with Elijah and Grace Mary and via Kwame I greeted all the children.  It was wonderful ! One day I need to record the call, I think I can do this with SKYPE.

3_ Renee made it home safe and is enjoying time with her family and all her relatives in the Goose Lake area, with DJ their Labrador, and with her friends. She is also meeting with faculty at Roosevelt University where she went to school, one of the professors wants to include Ghana in a program they have that sends students to a foreign country, for a short period of time, I am not sure of all the program objectives from a scholastic perspective, I know the students get credit and the professor wants to include Mawuvio's in the potential to include Ghana in the program. When I get more details I will provide. Renee told me, sometimes I cannot remember everything.

4_ Renee is also meeting with the Roosevelt Review staff to discuss the possibility of an update article on all the great work  Mawuvio's is accomplishing in  Ghana. The university publication featured an article on Renee back in Spring of 2011. I will keep you posted.

5_ The NBC affiliate in the Quad Cities area is doing a feature on Renee, not sure when it will air.  The person who does the stories is meeting with Renee and her family next Monday.

6_ I took a grant writing seminar and OH MY OH MY OH MY.  There is so much potential in terms of funding when you know what you're doing, what to look for, where to look, all the resources available via the internet the possibilities are encouraging.  I am going to write  a 1 page "Grant Detective" outline that details the 4 or 5 steps involved in identifying potential organizations to submit grants to, if anyone wants to help with 1 or 2 hours per week in this endeavor let me know.  Writing the proposal is actually the easier task; once you have a solid draft written, most proposals require the same 8 to 10 components. I have confirmed assistance from several friends and contacts in editing my initial grant proposal draft.  If you or anyone you know has information, ideas, resources, etc. regarding grants, grant writing, funding organizations, groups, etc.  please send my way via email

7_ Yesterday I completed my first draft of the CNN HERO nominations for Renee and Kwame. The entry form has word limits on the 5 or 6 questions you have to complete.  While I understand this is a long long long long shot, I want Renee and Kwame to have every opportunity at being recognized.  I will keep you posted.

8_ The recycled glass bead "rosaries" are now a reality.  18 prototype rosaries were made, Renee was able to bring them home.  I will post photos this evening.  She has one listed on ETSY for sale, I sold two of them on Sunday at a Memorial Day gathering.   They are beautiful.

9_ I will one day figure out how to update the title of the blog. I thought I had it figure out, I need to email the HELP team at and figure this out. One day, I won't give up.

More later this evening when I am home from work.