May 15, 2012

Tuesday Phone Call and One More Video

Today I called the school during their lunch break  so I could wish Teacher Lowrenda a Happy Birthday.

At Mawuvio's in Ghana there are many many May birthdays.   She was surprised that I knew today was her birthday and was very appreciative of the good wishes and birthday greetings.

I also was able to receive greetings from all the children.  I love to hear the loud shout coming through the phone... HELLO MADAM AFUA, HOW ARE YOU?  WE ARE FINE.    I said hello to all the children via a conversation with Lowrenda.

I completed a 4 minute video of pictures and sound bites of the smaller children.  These are the ones that are 5 and 6 years old and are in KG1 - they all tell me one that they will be "Great Men and Women" ! !