May 8, 2012

Tuesday Mid Morning.....

Tuesday Mid Morning.....

It is 88* today and the school is outside. Even though we are under a covered porch and also a tented area is hot. I've been helping Lowrenda with the little ones and after 2 hours I have to take a break. And water water water, I probably drink 6 to 8 cups in the morning and the same in the afternoon. The Pure Water pouches are 16 oz. It is so hot that some of the vendors are taking a break in the shade on the school office patio.

I know the Ghanians and even Rennee are used to the heat. During the weekend I saw several soccer matches going on in the middle of the day, at noon time by the church the teams were going full blast.

I have to pace myself with the heat as I don't want to get sick with heat stroke.

In the late evening I will update another post.

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