May 11, 2012

Thursday Night Dinner

Thursday Night Dinner

Last night we had a splendid time at the University Guest Center. I hosted a dinner for all the volunteers, the teachers and Kwame, Renee and also Lawrence and Fire joined us. Fire is the drumming teacher that comes every WEd and does music with the children. He is a Reggae style musician, looks the part with the hair and all. He is a big man with a giant smile and the children love him.

I got to visit with all the volunteers, most of them are going home by Memorial Day, all of them will start their summer jobs when they get home. Some will be park rangers, some will be camp counselors, most of them working with children. All of them traveled to many places is West Africa including several of the countries that border Ghana. All of them took public transportation and never had any problems. Several went to Benin, that country has French influence, everyone speaks French and the volunteers said the bagets and pastries are awesome.

I also spent time with Lowernda and Francis practicing my Ewe. Lowernda wrote many Ewe words and phrases for me, some words are easy, some not.

One of my favorites .....FAFA AHA.....Cold Beer. Say that fast a few times and you will get a smile on your face.

We had a buffet style dinner prepared for us, 2 rice dishes, 1 chicken, 1 fish platter, chips or French fries, and vegetables. It was all delicious. I asked about dessert and it does not appear to be a Ghanian staple.

I took several group photos I will include in the YouTube Video I make when I get home.

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