May 12, 2012


Saturday.... All day excursion to the Aburi Gardens.

Sunday.... Attended services at Pure Fire, visited the new school site.

Monday.... Distributed all the shoes and socks, attended school for most of the morning, sat in all the classes. Went to the Accra mall with Renee and Kwame.

Tuesday ...School Day and Godwin appointment at Focos Hospital.

Wednesday.....Visited the new school site, went to Somanya to buy beads from Barbara, had a beer on the way home at the Highway View Spot owned by one of Kwame's childhood friends, also named Kwame. Kwame means born of Saturday, like Afua means born of Friday.

Thursday....we had a track and field day for the children coordinated by the volunteers. Also had the MOP teacher, volunteer dinner at the University guest center. Took Stefan to the bicycle fix man in Kissemah so he could get a new tire and tube for his bike.

Friday......Went to Accra mall to get a "proper and working TV" for the children, for their Friday afternoon movie time. Spent the balance of the day at the school and distributed the pants or under garments.

I will make a YouTube video with all the photos and video clips, I will post the link on the blog by the end of this coming week.

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