May 6, 2012

SATURDAY MAY 5th, 2012

The updates will come when we get the power back in Kissemah. I will keep writing until my iPad battery goes out. The big storm on Thursday apparently knocked down a key transformer that feeds Kissemah electricity and nothing in Ghana happens fast so we are 2 days without power. The head lamp comes in very very handy. MOP is getting a generator next week for the office for sure. I think tonight we are almost at a full moon so that certainly helps.

The excursion today was awesome. Everything went according to plan, the kids got to school on time, the bus was on time, the day was sunny but not too hot and the ride to the gardens was just under an hour. The children were so excited, their first organized excursion, all of them going, all on the same bus, all with their uniforms, and lunch and drinks provided by the school.

By the time I got out of the shower today at 7:15 am, Elijah was already here in the back kitchen area having a bit of breakfast with Ceci. We left the Kissemah school around 9:30am. We visited the Aburi Gardens high on a mountain over looking Accra in the city of Aburi. The gardens were big spaces of green lawns covered by huge old trees with lots of shade. The gardens had many paths you could wander and see different trees, bushes, flowers, lots of trees with fruits. We settled in a huge open area with lots of shade and the children played soccer, hide and seek, they sang, and we walked around a good bit. We moved to an even nicer area for lunch and the kids settled in for their Jolof Rice and Chicken made by Ceci. She got up early cooked everything,we packed the food in a big cooler and it was just right for the children to eat at lunch. We brought multiple bags of Pure Water, each containing 30 single serving pouches, so there was plenty of water all day long. I had a Coca LIght from one of the vendors, it was ice cold and so very delicious.

The bus was able to transport 58 children, two teachers and the bus driver and his first mate. I am sure we broke maximum capacity limits, we did not have seat belts, thank God in Ghana you cannot go very fast. We had big windows so as long as we were moving it was not too hot. the children sang most of the way there and back, we eve had a few holiday songs in the mix. I was surprised how well behaved they were to and from the gardens.

On the way home I had one of those out of body moments, my heart filled with an overwhelming feeling of love and grace. I felt right at home with these children, like I had known them all my life.........for me to be in the company of these children half way across the world, holding hands with them, singing, cleaning up scrapes and bruises, taking a few to the Garden "toilets", helping out serving their lunches, carrying Godwin on my back a few times when he tired out, it feels right, wonderful and I know in my heart I am supposed to be here.

I had many quiet and funny moments with the children today. I was able to spend time with all of them, minus the older boys who played soccer most of the time. I had children again running their fingers through my hair, at least five times today the children asked me about my Mother and Father, they asked where they are. And of course thanks to the iPad we had Maddie and Morgan show and tell. They could not believe me when I told Maddie and Morgan sleep in the bed with me.

We are going to the university center and hopefully I will be able to post these updates to the blog.
------ Short and sweet from my iPad ---------