May 9, 2012

Power Outage....

Power Outage....

We had another power outage yesterday, right before a wonderful rainfall last night. It was quiet in my room, I could hear the rain coming from afar. Once it reached the Tengue Peace House compound it was a cool, refreshing, light, wonderful shower of fresh breeze and a coolness that was extremely refreshing. The shower lasted for about 20 or 30 minutes and then it was hot, hot, hot. All you can do when you are trying to sleep without a fan is to lay perfectly still, so still that your breathing rate slows down, and then maybe you will feel a tiny bit of relief. It is part of the Ghana experience of the children and families we support. Actually they don't have fans cause most of them don't have electricity, I tried to imagine how they live and sleep, and then I did not feel so hot.

Outside my window this time since I am in a different part of the compound, I can hear so many different songs, noises, and animals, mostly birds, dogs and chickens, roosters and sometimes I can even hear the goats. Last night a man from the next compound over was singing the most beautiful gospel song, it was sweet and powerful at the same time. I imagined he was singing just for me. The baby that was right outside my window last time, I can hear his faint cries and I am OK with that because he cries early and late everyday.

My other favorite constant is the everyday sounds of washing. Ladies wash clothes in the compound EVERYDAY and they start early and it seems to go on all day. Today when we got back from the new school site visit, my bra and underwear and jeans and cargo pants were hanging on the community line that has the best position for the afternoon sun. Ceci will have them all folded and ready for me when we go for dinner later. As you can imagine this is part of life......laundry is a daily constant everywhere.

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