May 12, 2012


I was able to sleep 8 hours on the plane with the help of a nighttime Theraflu. I had a tiny sore thought on Thursday evening. We have 4 hours to our final destination. The flight is 12 hours and change. Just as my flight in January coming home we are at full capacity.

The flight leaves ATL on Thursday evening, gets to Accra Friday morning, then flies to Monrovia, then back to Accra and then to Atlanta. On these flights we always have 4 pilots. At least one of them seems to be walking around the plane more than I have ever noticed. When I was doing all my preflight check in and security I was padded down like never before. They even flipped the collar of my blouse and checked, not sure what I could hide under there, I am glad they take the security seriously. As always it is freezing on the plane.

Earlier today when I was having my last meal in Ceci's kitchen area, Kwame came to greet Renee and myself, he had on his new Bob Marley T -shirt I brought for him, he proceeded to inform us that 5/11 is the day Bob Marley died in 1982 and that all over the world Bob Marley is being celebrated. In Ghana Bob Marley is HUGE. Speaking of music, Stefan was also with us at dinner and he showed me the new dance craze in Ghana, Azonto. I will find a YouTube video and post the link. Azonto seems to have a tiny bit of the Macarena song moves in it. You will see.

I was just at the back of the plane in the galley area for an hour, it was wonderful to stand up. There were 2 other passengers back there who had visited Monrovia and the stories they were telling amazing; a country recovering from many years of war. No infrastructure, NONE. A majority of the power is via generators, no sanitation at all. One person working at the university teaching people to be teachers; she gave me great tips on books on teaching in NGO settings like Mawuvio.'s. One gentleman working for Firestone, He told me they have large rubber farm, the products of which are processed and sent to USA for tires to be made. He said Firestone has their own hydro electric plant that powers the airport, the company also provides education to all the children of the employees, they employee a large amount of people, I had no idea rubber or at least a component of rubber grew on trees. The Delta agents also informed us that the ATL to Accra flight will be discontinued in September. In December I will fly out of New York.

As the flight nears Atlanta, as I pen this update on my iPad in seat 18G, as I listen to my Mom's favorite singer, the one and only Mr. Tony Bennett, my heart floods deliciously with a sense of joy that is hard to describe. As I think about the KG 1 kids, Elijah. Yvette, Grace, Patricia, Kingsway, Grace Mary and Afi Alice, the teachers, and Kwame and Renee, I thank God for converging our paths. I thank God for the grace and spirit these children have shared with me, I thank God for all the support, encouragement and interest I have had. Imagine in September the children will be in a "proper" school setting.

The days of sharing the courtyard and having school under a canopy and a mangle tree will be a memory.

From my heart I thank all of have helped me on this amazing journey, all who donated funds for backpacks, shoes, socks, underwear, the cement drill, school supplies, hats, sun glasses, the school construction, the the children tell me day when they graduate from school "they will be great men and women." Cindy thanks for all your love and support, you are closet to this journey with me and I appreciate all you do to make my visits to Ghana possible. Akpekakakakaka..... Thanks very very much in Ewe.

Ma y Mava...... I will go and come back !!!!

------ Short and sweet from my iPad ---------