May 10, 2012

No Credit Cards or Very Few.....

No Credit Cards or Very Few.....

Ghana is a cash country. Very few places take credit cards. I visited the Dodowa Forest Hotel, 7 miles from the new school site. Most likely in December I will be staying there, the plan is to come and help paint the new school.

After I toured the hotel, saw a few of the rooms, I asked about how to pay and make reservations; you call, you show up and you pay with cash. And of course Kwame has a friend that works there, Carlos. The hotel will do an airport transfer, Dodowa is about an hour outside of Accra and they will arrange for a car rental to be at the hotel when we arrive.

At the University Guest Center where I am taking the teachers and volunteers to dinner Thursday evening they are cash only. When Renee and Kwame bought the land for the school, cash only. All the building materials cash transactions. The filing cabinet I got last December, cash only.

Certainly it is not a problem, it is something you plan for.

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