May 9, 2012

New school site visit.......

New school site visit.......

Today we went to Aiykumah to check on the progress of the school construction and the walls of the classrooms are going up. I almost cried; today we teach 20 or 30 children in the space of 1/2 of one of the classrooms at the new school. Renee said that instead of having the children sit at benches, 4 or 5 or 6 children, there will be desks that sit two. That in itself will be huge, today the little kids especially get restless and start tickling each other or simply adjusting in their seats and tiny little moments of chaos ensue. Lowernda does an wonderful job of managing the little ones, letting them be children and keeping them in order at the same time. She has an abundance of patience.

Kwame has become the full time GC for the project. He goes to the site almost everyday to check on the work, to get supplies and to pay the workers. Nothing in Ghana is easy, nothing goes according to plan, for the school to be built on time and on budget, Kwame needs to be there daily managing all the work that has to be done. I am glad that he is able to do this.

We also visited the Somanya Market and got beads for the summer. We purchased 250 CEDIs worth of beads, enough to keep the inventory available for the summer when Renee's Mom sells the bracelets at craft fairs in the Quad Cities area. They also will be posted on the Etsy site wher MOP sells their bracelets on going.

Barbara the bead lady agreed to make 18 rosaries. Hopefully we can use these as samples for the older children to copy in the future. I am excited at the possibility.

The Somanya market is wild, people everywhere selling everything from machetes to all products Maggi. It is crowded, there are hundred of stalls, noises, sights, sounds, smells, vendors; and I was able to get my plantain chip fix today, and even a super cold Club Beer on the way home. Probably the coldest beer I've had in my life with respect to how hot is was today.

I will take advantage of the power and do a few more posts this evening.

May i Mava.......I will go and come back !!!!

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