May 7, 2012



I am sorry for the few out of order postings....when the power came back on yesterday it went on and off a few times so the WI FI was up and down and you can imagine what happened.

Right now it is 10:30 in Kissemah, the children are all in school in the courtyard and on Ceci's porch doing math this morning. I helped the K1 and Primary 1 class, count to 100, each child has to get up and count all the way to 100 as the others are doing their number lessons. Today Lowrenda is teaching the younger children, it takes great patience and you have to repeat the instructions over and over. She does an amazing job.....

Kelli one of the student volunteers, she is from Colorado, she is teaching math to another group of children. They are older so she is doing math problems with them. Renee and Francis are also teaching other groups.

We fitted all the children with brand new shoes and socks. We took three at a time into the room I am staying in, we had all the shoes laid out, with socks and Renee and I were able to fit all the children before the school started today.

I took some before and after photos, I will include in my video when I get home. Some children's toes were blistered and worn because their current shoes were too small. I wish I could convey in words what these shoes mean to these children, what it means for the school to be able to be known not just for teaching them, but also caring for them in ways beyond learning their maths and English and Social Sciences, etc.

Kwame and Renee are proving education, care, love, nurturing, and the amazing example of leadership and concern for their fellow man...or should I say....fellow children. Some will certainly fall out and perhaps not make it, at the same time I know a majority of them will make the world a better place because of their education and experiences provided by Mawuvio and all the wonderful people that support the program and sponsor the children.

During lunch when the children are in line to wash their hands I will take picture of a larger group and post. I have many more updates for you, yesterday we visited the new school site and so much progress has been made. I tried to post the video on the blog, I think it was too long. I will post to YOUTube later today and then post the link.

While I've been writing this post, three parents have come by the school office to enroll their children.