May 7, 2012

Monday Evening......A full Day @ the MOP School

Monday Evening......

It is 7:30pm, I am on the porch of the school office with Kwame and a friend of his, life is going by, cars, vendors, children walking to get water. The fast food Fried Rice place across the street with many customers. There is a wonderful breeze and the power is on, so all is good. I wish I had a cold Star or Club beer, but that is OK. I will drink the fresh air and the breeze.

The porch of the school's office is a great place for many reasons. MOP sits up on a hill in Kissemah, so the breeze is always ON. The porch is also a social place, a few of the locals have come by and recognized that "Auntie or Madam" is back visiting, they stop and greet me and welcome me to Ghana. For some , 2 women of white color are a surprise they look, they look again to confirm that they're seeing myself and Renee and then they smile. The school children also come by when they are doing errands for their families, they always stop and say hello. Today I bought coconut toffee from Blessing, he was selling them with mangoes in the afternoon.

Today I sat in all the classes and observed the children and the teachers and it was a wonderful experience. I captured lots of video and will make a movie when I get home. To watch little Elijah complete his English lesson and do his exercise in front of the classroom on the porch of Ceci's home, it makes me so proud of what Renee and Kwame are doing. Some of the children are so smart, they get the instructions, they follow along, complete their assignments and are ready for the next one. They are so motivated, they are engaged, they want to learn. Kwame and Renee could have quit or given up, there have been so many challenges, obstacles, frustrations, yet they remain focused and moving ahead.

They are extremely appreciative of all the support they've gotten via all the Iowa connections, via all the people from friends and family and co-workers that I've introduced MOP to, they include all of you in their daily closing school prayers. Everyday they bow their heads and say THANKS to God for all the people who are helping the program on a daily basis and helping with the construction of the "proper" school in Ayikumah.

Tomorrow we have school and then in the afternoon we are taking Godwin to the FOCOS hospital for his exam and assessment. Godwin's Grandpa is going with us. I will write an entry tomorrow about our visit with the grandparents today to ask for permission to take Godwin. It is a 30 minute visit I will never forget.

Now I am off to take my village bucket shower with my peppermint Trader Joe's soap.

Thanks the emails......your notes, thoughts and good wishes mean so much.


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