May 19, 2012

Godwin Update....

Excerpt from email I received from Renee Farwell on Thursday of this week:

Kwame, Godwin, Godwin's grandfather and I all went to FOCOS clinic today to meet with the neurologist. 
1. Godwin's grandfather is the maternal grandparent and was unable to contact his daughter (Godwin's mother) to find out any information about the birth.
2. The neurologist confirmed that Godwin does not have Cerebal Palsy. His brain is functioning like a normal 13 year old (HORRAY!) Godwin's hands are  related to the club foot because the problem in the wrist is the same problem that occurs in the ankle resulting in the club feet and claw hands. It is a rare genetic condition that sometimes only occurs in the hands, sometimes only in the feet, and sometimes both. The doctor did say that the feet are easier to correct than the hands but will still be very difficult due to his age. 

3. On the way back, Godwin's grandfather said that if we  continue with the surgery prep and surgery itself he is very scared that something might happen to Godwin's veins. He fears that if the vein gets cut during surgery Godwin will die. 
4.All of the doctors at FOCOS are very very good doctors and both the first doctor and the neurologist gave us  point we will just see where God leads us next. 
Greetings from all the children and from Ghana!
Renee ~