May 11, 2012


1. Two more baby goats were born today, total six baby goats this week.

2. The school got a brand new 36 inch Samsung Flat screen tv. The store had a Mother's Day promotion, so we got a Samsung DVD player for getting the TV. The store is called Game and it is a Walmart partnership, they sell everything.

3. The power went out, sometimes we have small small electricity so we could NOT watch Avatar.

4. The ready teller at the Accra mall ate my credit union card.

5. Imported lettuce is selling for 14.99 Ghana Cedi at the Shoprite grocery store. A small carton of yellow cherry tomatoes is 8 Ghana Cedi. The current exchange rate: 1 US dollar is 1.70 Ghana Cedi.

6. The children are getting new pants today.......pants for them is underwear.

7. When I spoke to the children after worship to let them know I was traveling home, I cried. Kwame helped me recover so I could finish my school is important message and that I am coming back. I told them I cried because I am going to miss them.

8. The last three kids were fitted with shoes today, Shadrack, Akos and Dennis. They had the same look as those on Monday, for the it was like winning the lottery.

9. I had amazing scrambled eggs with tomato and onions at Madam Ceci's kitchen.

10. My Delta flight departs at 9:30pm tonight.

------ Short and sweet from my iPad ---------