May 6, 2012

Friday May 4th....

Friday May 4th....

I arrived safe, flight was 15 late. Immigrations and customs were no problem. In Ghana you get finger printed digitally each time you arrive. Ezua was not able to make it to escort me through customs; only one bag was checked, I told the agent the MOP story and he waived me through. Patrick the drill made it, Toby and Cindy all the shoes and socks and the school supplies, made it ........ Horray !!!! I love when everything works out !!!

Kwame and Renee and Lawrence were at the Kotoka Airport to greet me along with Grace Mary, Elijah, Randolf and Patricia. It was great to see their eyes the moment they recognized me, we all hugged and held hands on the way to the car.

Temp in Accra yesterday was high 80*, they had a major thunder storm and heavy heavy rain Thursday night into Friday. In fine fashion as it is with children one the way to the school in Kissemah we had to pull over, one of the kids got sick and had to vomit and Elijah decided he had to urinate as they say. Cindy, the Safari Towels you packed came in handy not even 15 minutes into the visit.

When I arrived at the school the children were finishing up their last lesson and I greeted all of them, they welcomed me with a dynamic.....Madam Afua how are you? They sang their welcome song and we did 2 of my favorites....Papa Buy Shoes For Me and the Latushi song, both very animated with dancing and lots of smiles.

I spoke to all the children told them about the plane, how I came far from Atlanta across the sea, how big the plane is, they were most interested in the notion that I could watch movies in my seat. Sherriff asked about my family and my friends, I told all the children that I bring greetings from all over, I mentioned all the States all of you live in and that hopefully I can bring some friends to Accra in Dec. when I come back. They also asked about the doggies. I told them how Maddie was not happy to see the suitcases at the house.

After my welcome, Renee went over all the details for the "excursion" on Saturday. the children are very excited.

Soon afterwards I was able to greet Madam Ceci and Stefan and Kwame's younger brother, Ben. It was great to hug Ceci and catch up with all the goings on in the compound.

When I arrived in Kissemah the power was out, I am writing this update at 11pm Ghana time and we still don't have power. No power, no wifi in the school office, so I will keep doing the daily updates and post when the power is back up.

We did one errand in the late afternoon, came back, had a Star beer around the corner and then Ceci prepared Jolof Rice, plantains and chicken. Renee and I had dinner and sat in Ceci's outdoor kitchen area until I got pitch dark. I am so glad I replaced the batteries in the head lamp. I will write an update when I return from the field trip.

As they say in Ghana...... Ma EEEE Mava. I will go and come back.

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