May 20, 2012


Thanks to all who suggested and nudged that I update the title of the blog, Travel to Ghana December 2011 was a bit outdated. I changed the overall title to reflect the overall blog purpose, to chronicle my journey with the group, with Kwame, Renee and all the children, wether I am here in Atlanta, or am visiting in Kissemah or Aiykuma.  I hope I did the correct steps to update the title, I will find out when the email shows up in my inbox.  

My next trip to Ghana is planned for December of this year; overall goal is to visit Aiykuma and see the new school in full operations and hopefully to visit with Renee's MOM and family who will also be traveling to Ghana to support  painting the new school. 

I have visions of bright colors, murals with ABC's,  themed classrooms,  clouds on the walls in the dormitories.  Renee's MOM, Barb Farwell has been an art teacher for 30+ years and is very creative and talented.  I am going to lobby for a Fish mural somewhere.  Any and all ideas are welcomed. 

This coming week I have my first GRANT WRITING class; there are so many options. I did lots of research on the internet and signed up for a one on one webinar. I am looking forward to the class.  I will keep you posted on the progress, if anyone has experience, recommendations, foundations or organizations we can submit grant proposals to, send me an note for sure. 

This coming week, Renee is coming back to the States for the first time since September of last year.  She will work as a "Program Counselor" at a youth camp in Wisconsin. Renee has worked at this camp for the past 4 summers and it will give her a much needed break from the day to day operations of Mawuvio's in Kissemah.  Kwame will be at the helm solo for about 8 weeks. The school year in Ghana ends in July, Renee is scheduled to be back the first week of August.  I know her family is very excited to have her back; Renee will be in Goose Lake for a few days before she goes to the camp in Wisconsin.  Even though this a bit early Renee, WELCOME BACK ! ! ! !

Renee and Kwame were scheduled to go to the Somanya Bead Market yesterday and pick up 18 Rosaries made from the "recycled glass beads'.  I have not called for an update, as soon as I get details I will post. Those of you who are waiting for a rosary sample, when I get them, I will send out for sure.  Renee should bring with her next week when she travels home. 

Renee and her Mom will also be attending a very large ARTS and CRAFT festival in the Quad Cities area of Iowa, and hopefully sell a huge batch of the "recycled glass bead bracelets" the children and staff of Mawuivo's make in the after school beading program.   Renee and her Mom will then update the inventory on the ETSY site after the festival.  Please keep the ETSY site in mind when thinking of gifts for family, friends, etc.   Every dollar you spend goes directly to support the overall Mawuvio's Outreach Programme. 

Lastly an NBC affiliate in the Quad Cities area will be working on a feature story of Renee and Mawuvio's. Stay tuned for details. 

Thanks for your continued interest, your support, your questions, your emails.  AKPE ! ! ! !