May 2, 2012

47 + 47 + 50 + 50

47 + 47 + 50 + 50

I have 194 pounds in four bags. Worse case, Delta charges $200 for bag # 3 and # 4; it is still cheaper than any type of shipment.

I took my first Malaria pill and I can't find my Yellow Fever shot record. I have copies, hopefully that will work if they check at immigrations opinion Ghana.

I am working tomorrow until noon, Cindy will take me to Hartsfield at 4:30pm.

I am excited, this morning I got tears in my eyes thinking about what it will be like when the children figure out it's me. They will be in the middle of their Friday afternoon movie. I land at 11:30am and should be at the school by 1pm.

I imagine hugs and hugs and lots of energy and excitement from the children.


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