Apr 18, 2012

Tuesday Call on Wednesday

I have several updates, running late on time, will provide when I get home tonight.  

Here is the brief preview: 

1) MOP was awarded a grant ! 
2) I spoke to Lucas, Forgive, Blessing, Grace Mary and Ben today. 
3) Also greeted Renee and Kwame. 
4) We have an appt for Godwin at the FOCOS Clinic on May 8th 
5) We have an agenda for all the activities while I am there in May, including the first field trip 
for the children to the Botanical Gardens in Ghana.  We also have a dinner scheduled so we 
can celebrate and thank all the volunteers from the ISEP program, their semester in Ghana is 
over in late May and they head back home. 

MUCH MORE DETAILS LATER - and always thanks for your continued interest, emails, support, donations, my heart is overwhelmed with all ! ! !