Apr 15, 2012

Shoes Shoes Shoes..... A pair for every child ! ! !

This picture was taken in December 2011 when the children where practicing their songs for the school holiday program. Most of these are the smaller children in the front row of the overall group.

These are the shoes that are I am bringing to Kissemah in May, one new pair for each child in the program. Renee and Kwame were thrilled to find out that we had confirmation from a generous supporter who purchased  shoes for all the children.  Most of the children have never had a pair of new shoes to call their own. Most are purchased second hand or are donations or used from older siblings or cousins.  We will compliment the shoes with new socks for all the children.

Thanks for my heart to my brother, Tobias Arosemena who is making the purchase of the shoes possible for every child.  I will tell them that Uncle Tobias from California HOOKED THEM UP;  they will be thrilled and oh so grateful.