Apr 22, 2012


Do Something Good CLICK HERE

Mawuivo's Outreach Programme received notification last week from the "Do Something Good" organization that MOP was awarded a grant of $500 to support the "agricultural program" Renee and Kwame  will implement at the new school in Aiykuma.    

As you all know Renee is from Goose Lake, Iowa, a major rural farming area in the midwest. She has "planting and growing"  in her DNA from her life experiences of having family, uncles and grandparents and many friends in the farming world.  I remember when I visited Renee and her parents, Steve and Barbara Farwell in Goose Lake, in August of last year, as far as the eye could see there were beautiful, tall, majestic fields of corn everywhere.  I was taken by the vast landscape of bright green stalks, a giant walled garden, thousands of corn stalks reaching for the heavens.  It is a beautiful sight. 

At the new school there is land for the children to start a program of growing vegetables. The overall goal to teach them about agriculture, about growing a crop, what is needed, soil preparation, watering considerations, etc. but to also use the lesson to remind and instill goals, planning, responsibility, taking care of the land, the crops, etc.  This will also give the children a 'program' level activity in addition to making the bracelets. Everyone will have a role.  

Do Something Good selects an annual recipient from all the grants they fund for a much larger recognition program. Renee is following up with them to see if the grant provided to MOP qualifies them for the additional consideration.  We will keep you posted.  Below is the link for the YOUTUBE video Renee and Kwame submitted as part of the overall application process.