Apr 19, 2012

Agenda for Visit In May

5/3 Thursday - 
Travel Atlanta to Accra, via Delta 10 hour flight, leaves ATL @ 8:10pm, arrive in Accra at 11:30am on Friday.

5/4 Friday
Arrive and SURPRISE THE CHILDREN at the school ! ! ! Renee keeps telling them the backpack inspector is coming to visit.  We have dinner scheduled with all the volunteers from ISEP.

5/5 Saturday
MOP School field trip to the Aburi Botanical Gardens in greater Accra. We are getting a bus that will transport all the children, we are going to provide them lunch. Should be a big time for all.

5/6 Sunday 
Attend church services at PURE FIRE CHURCH and then visit the new school site in Ayikuma.  The school is outside of Accra in an area called Lower Manya, the actual location is called Ayikuma Township. It is rural and much more quiet and not as crowed and busy as Kissemah and the surrounding areas. I am looking forward to seeing  all the progress on the construction.  If all goes as planned the school should open in September.

5/7 Monday 
Mawuvio's School Day and NEW SHOES FOR EVERYONE ! This will be a wonderful day, when all the children get a new pair of shoes and socks. I will take many many pictures. I also think we are having a Baseball game between the MOP children and staff and the ISEP volunteers. The children have been learning how to play baseball, the rules, game strategy, etc. from one of the MOP volunteers.

5/8 Tuesday 
Spend most of the day with the children at school.  In the afternoon we have an appointment for Godwin Alanyo at the FOCOS CLINIC in Greater Accra. For all details on Godwin you can go back to the DEC 26th posting, I wrote a full update on him.  Godwin is an amazing, intrepid, delightful and yes 13 years old, so all that comes with being a boy at 13, Godwin is all that. He was born with clubfoot and hands.  We are taking him to a brand new clinic and hospital for an assessment and X-Rays.  I also hope to meet with one of the FOCOS Board of Directors the same day to volunteer and get approval to document Godwin's story so FOCOS can share.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON FOCOS

5/9 Wednesday
Visit the Somanya Bead market,  discuss with Barbara, the Bead Lady, if she can help with making the rosaries. I am not giving up on this idea.  We will also visit the Dodowa Forest Hotel which is about 10 minutes from the new school.  When I go back to Ghana at the end of this year I hope to bring along some fellow travelers and we will stay at the Dodowa Hotel.

5/10 Thursday 
Spend the day with the children at school.  After school I want to visit the home of Rueben and Randolf and ask his family if I can take lots and lots of photographs. They live in Christian Village, about a 10 minute walk from the school.  I also want to photograph the home of Alice and Yvette and the home of Elijah and Joshua.

5/11 Friday 
Spend the day with the children at school. Depart that evening for flight home, Delta, 12 hours on the way back.

5/12 Saturday 
Arrive at Hartsfield, Jackson at 6:15am.

Somewhere in the schedule, I told Kwame, we need to visit the RASTA SPOT across the street and enjoy a CLUB BEER(s).  I am sure I will also see Johnny and Lawrence, friends of Kwame and Renee and huge supporters of MOP.  And ofcourse daily I will see Ceci and Stefan. I will be staying in the same location, sharing the volunteer quarers with Renee.

I am including the link below for the  Kissemah YOUTUBE video.  It is about 15 minutes. If you have any questions don't hesitate to send me an email, elena1025@comcast.net

Click here for YOUTUBE VIDEO of Kissemah Dec Visit