Mar 27, 2012

Tuesday Phone Call to Kissemah

Hello Hello Hello.... I was able to make the Tuesday phone call today and greet Renee, Lowrinda, one of the teachers, Madam Ceci and several of the children, including Rueben.  Rueben is learning to express himself verbally and makes loud sounds, some are very high pitched, some are deep like groans.  Rueben is one of the deaf brothers.  I am still amazed and overjoyed by the connection I have made with Rueben and Randolf.  

The children know I am coming soon, but don't know the exact day I will arrive.  Renee is telling them that the "backpack inspector" is coming, not sure if they are associating that with my "Madam Afua is coming to visit soon comments."

Last week Mawuvio's had a special school program. The school hosted  Ghanian graduate students from the Pentecost University.  Renee and Kwame said the visit was very successful.  In between semesters, the students of the school reach out to the communities to promote education, the benefits, what it takes to get a university degree, etc.  After the program was over the university students presented Mawuvio's with donations.   I will post the pictures.  Renee sent the link, I can't find.

1_ Renee and Kwame are being nominated for the CNN HEROES 2012 award.  Ofcourse we will keep you posted.  I am sure thousands of deserving people from all over the world are nominated, keep good thoughts for both of them.

2_ I submitted an application to CROCS CARES, for sixty pairs of CROCS shoes to be donated to Mawuvio's.  Again not sure of the outcome, will provide an update as soon as we hear back from CROCS CARES. 

3_ LINDA SEMONES  placed an order for 25 recycled glass bead bracelets from the Mawuvio's ETSY site. THANKS Linda for your continued support. I plan to bring back a fresh supply of bracelets, I know Renee has the afternoon beading program in full force with the children. Linda is one of my high school classmates, from John F. Kennedy High School Class of 1977.  Way to go SPARTANS ! ! ! 

4_ The  Spa at the Traditions at the Glenn Resort and Conference center is selling the Mawuvio's bracelets. Thanks to SYLVIA WALSH  for your consideration and support. I hope they sell fast so we can restock the inventory.   Check out the SPA....

5_ If you know of any organization, club, publication that is interested in hearing and spreading the MOP story, please contact me at  We have a pending article proposal in the wings with the Roosevelt University Review publication.  I will provide article update when I return from Ghana in May, regarding the continued progress of the school construction.  Renee Farwell is a graduate of Roosevelt University and the magazine did an article on her when she and Kwame first started the program in August 2009. 

Thanks to all for you continued support and interest in the children.  My project while I am Kissemah in May, photograph all the children so we can design and create the first Mawuvio's School Yearbook.