Mar 11, 2012


Kassy Peterson is studying at the University of California Riverside. Her area of study is  Psychology and Women Studies. She is originally from Oakland, CA.  
Kassy choose to study abroad in Ghana because it is a developing country which she felt she could dually study a new culture and volunteer in the local community.  
Kassy adds, "I also felt as an African American Woman it was necessary to return to Africa and understand an aspect of my culture that I cannot attain in America. Lastly, I came to appreciate and engage with the vibrant dance and music culture of Ghana, which my Ghanaian friend back in the states exposed me to." She came to Ghana with the University of California Education Abroad Programs. Her current engagement with the Mawuvio's school is teaching the Primary 1 class with Renee.  
Kassy works with the children for half the day 3 days a week. She comments..."Thus  far we have covered diction words, spelling, adding money, multiplications up to 3, and many other lessons. When I play with the kids I teach them songs and playground games I was exposed to while growing up. On the other hand, they have taught me so many songs, games, and cultural differences. A major thing I am starting to pick up on common languages such as, Ewe and Twi. I have learned how to speak Ghanaian English as well, which helps me teach better and communicate with people throughout Ghana.There is a lot of cultural exchange between us and I really benefit from being in a positive atmosphere where I have been watching the kids grow and truly seeing how much they appreciate education. The kids have brought great meaning to my time in Ghana so far."