Mar 13, 2012

Letter from Randolf

Yesterday when I got home and saw the mail on the dinning room table, I noticed a thick envelope from Mawuvio's in Ghana. My heart raced.  I opened the envelope and thirteen hand written letters fell out, some inside of hand made envelopes like the one above from Randolf. His is the first one I read. Randolf is one of the deaf brothers, Rueben is his younger brother. I made a special connection with both of them for many reasons.  My favorite line..... COME FLY AND SEE ME.  Today I have the joy of calling them and letting them know for sure I am flying to Ghana and coming to see them soon.  I have a trip planned for early May, I know for the children, May is a long time away. For me the time will fly.  

Thanks again to all who read the blog, thanks for your support, your encouragement.  I appreciate from my heart.