Feb 7, 2012

Tuesday Phone Call

Today I was bound and determined to talk to Rueben and Randolf, the 2 deaf brothers.  

Once I greeted Renee, she put Ben on the phone, I explained to Ben what I wanted to do and he put the phone up to the boys ears and I spoke to them, Ben signed the greetings and Renee said they had HUGE HUGE HUGE smiles on their faces.  Renee said that Rueben  signed my name to the phone, E L E N A and made the sign or gesture  for "older" and then touched Renee to indicate I was, Elena the older white lady.  I got tears in my eyes.   

Rueben and Randolf are the first two children I met the very first Saturday I was in Kissemah. They came to the school early, before 8am and we sat on the patio of the school office and communicated with a pen and paper.  Their smiles, their willingness and want and drive to be BOYS - and not let being deaf get in the way of their lives will always be with me.  They are amazing children, and probably two of the best bracelet makers in the program. They have an eye for color that is right on ! ! ! 

The children were extra excited today, the conversations were short, sometimes loud, sometimes I did not finish my words and they would pass the phone to another of their classmates.  I was able to greet: Ben, Celena, Godwin, Rueben, Randolf, Matilda, Forgive, Beauty, Angela and Jonathan.   Renee also introduced me to Francis, one of the new teachers, it was great to welcome him to the program and remind him of the great work he is doing.   

At the end of the call, Renee asks the children, all of them to greet me - so I hear a loud, excited, concert of little voices saying... We look forward to your return to Ghana, or Thank you for calling Madam Afua.  It is a wonderful way to start my Tuesdays.   I am blessed by knowing these children in ways that will forever warm my heart.