Feb 28, 2012

Tuesday Phone Call ....

OH MY OH MY OH MY ....... today when I called Kissemah, Kwame answered the phone. He was in the school office talking to the General Contractor about the plans to get the school/dormitory construction going again. With the substantial gift that MOP received a few weeks ago, the project will go forward full force, the hope is to have the building completely finished and ready for move in by September of this year.  I have a conference call scheduled with Renee and Kwame and Barbara Farwell this Saturday to review the high level milestones that have to be met in order for all to be ready for the school session in September.

After I greeted Kwame, he walked to the porch/courtyard area where the children have their class sessions and he handed the phone to Renee.  I was able to greet little Kwame, Mary, Ben, Komlavi and Patricia. I had the special joy of speaking to Rueben and Randolf, the 2 deaf brothers. When they found out I was on the phone, they signed to Renee that they wanted to greet me; Renee passed the phone to Rueben and I heard 2 sounds, very deep and muffled, Renee said Rueben had a giant smile on his face. Randolf was then handed the phone, again the same type of sounds, Renee said they were counting.  It was amazing. I  got big  tears in my eyes. Both of the boys are working with Kathryn Jensen, one of the ISEP volunteers. To think that a few months ago Rueben and Randolf had no idea who I was, and today half an ocean away we can make an amazing connection via the phone, most importantly via our hearts.  Nothing can get in the way of  human connections;that is why God gave us multiple senses. Rueben and Randolf may not be able to hear me, but they certainly know that I care about them and that we are friends for life.

I was also able to greet Madam Ceci.  We had a nice conversation, she told me she is waiting for they day when I come back and she will make me fried plantains and ackbe in her kitchen.  I told her the same, I am looking forward to seeing her and Stefan one day soon. She thanked me as she always does for my support and involvement with MOP.

At the end of the call, I heard the usual chorus of GREETINGS MADAM AFUA, WE MISS YOU MADAM AFUA... the voices are like little explosions of joy.  The chorus of greetings will forever be music in my heart.

Below is a YouTube link to video footage I took of Elijah the day we went to the soccer filed. Elijah is a huge person in a small body. He is 4 years old, he is quiet, observant, yet he loves to have fun and he really enjoys being with the children. He loves to sing, dance, play soccer - and he is one of the best students in the school, very very smart.

Click on this link to view Elijah Video