Feb 14, 2012

Tuesday Phone Call and Happy Birthday....

Renee said the children are now anticipating the call on Tuesday's......  for me it is moments filled with incredible joy and a huge reminder of all that is good in life.  I hear over and over ... HELLO MADAM AFUA.... how are you ?

Today I was able to greet Renee, Kwame, Peace, Paul, Felicia, Gifty, Maude and Faustina.  I also said hello to Kathryn Jensen who is a ISEP student from Wisconsin. She is the college student that is minoring in Speech Pathology,   she is specifically working  with Rueben and Randolf, the 2 deaf brothers.  Kathryn took some supplies for Renee from me in her suitcase when she went over in January, she was very gracious in her support.

Friday we agreed to SKYPE, a video call with the children. I was told I can record the video and voice part of the call,  I am going to practice this with my niece, JoAnn and hopefully I can post a video of the children.  On Friday's at 1pm the children get to watch a movie, so I will call right before the movie starts.

Kwame wished me and all my family and friends back home a wonderful Valentine's Day.  I also found out by calling Ghana today, that Barbara Farwell, Renee's Mom, is celebrating her Birthday.  So a huge shout out to Barb Farwell in Goose Lake, Iowa.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ATLANTA.

Yesterday I got an email from the writer for THE CRIER, the local Dunwoody paper. She said the article she wrote about my visit to Ghana was complete and sent to the editor.  It  may be in the paper this week or next.   I will keep you all posted.   The Crier has a circulation of 23,000 homes in the Dunwoody, Sandy Springs area.  I hope for all good things as a result of this story being shared with others.

Renee has completed  updates to the Mawuvio's program web site, if you want to review and peruse you can access via the link in the Check Out These Links  section of the blog.  Remember MOP is a tiny organization, supported administratively by a handful of volunteers, currently Renee  does all the work on the web site.  If you have any comments, edit suggestions, etc,  you can send to elena1025@comcast.net

Lastly we should be hearing about our GOOGLE ADS GRANT this week or next. I hope that Mawuvio's is able to get the Google Grant.  Google gives non profits free clicks based on the key words we set up in the Google ads; the overall objective to drive more traffic to the Mawuvio's web site based on the key words associated with the ads we set up.  Because of the grant MOP can do this for free up to a certain dollar amount.  I am sure there is a more eloquent way to explain this.

HAPPY FEBRUARY 14th to ALL  ~ ~ ~ ~